Friday, November 11, 2011


An elaborate cover-up has many, many layers. In the case of the
Penn State sex scandal, a few of them have been pulled back,
exposing some of the most sordid and salacious incidents we've
ever heard about. Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator
who was considered one of the best in his profession, was arrested
for molesting young boys. 40 counts to be exact. He used his
prestige, power, and foundation, "The Second Mile", which he
founded in 1977 to lure young boys into his cocoon of horror
and made sure they'd be ruined for the rest of their lives,
irreparably damaged and broken.

Besides the number 40, 1977 could turn out to be the the most
significant digits in this case. If Sandusky started his foundation
in 1977 do you really think there are just the eight boys listed
in the grand jury report whom he touched or raped? Hardly.
The number, when it's all said and done, could reach the 100's.

Sandusky, who had been on Paterno's staff for 30 years, suddenly
"retired" in 1999, less than a year after he was investigated for
molesting another young boy. Even Plutarski from "Animal House"
owner of a 0.00 GPA, could connect the dots on this one. Sandusky
was asked to leave because he could ruin Penn State if anyone
found out about his sleaze-ball ways. How many coaches,
administrators, and trustees do you think were aware of Sandusky's
sudden "retirement" and the reason he walked away at 55 years
old, the prime of his career? A lot. Thus, you have the beginning
of the cover-up and the conspiracy. It goes all the way back to
the late 1990's. Instead of coming clean and cleansing the university
then, every significant figure in Happy Valley knew it would blow
up Joe Paterno and everything the Penn State program stood
for. The squeaky-clean image and "Success With Honor" mantra.
And it would derail Joe Pa's quest to become the all-time winningest
coach in NCAA history, which I'm sure with the help of the
sabremetric freaks on the payroll, they calculated would occur
sometime in late October of 2011.

As Barry Switzer, the former Oklahoma coach said, "Everyone
on that coaching staff knew what was going on. Don't you think
a 13-year assistant would tell a wife or friend what was going on?"
Of course they would. People at your workplace, country club,
and on Facebook love and know gossip. It's part of the American
way. Do you think anyone in Happy Valley who knew of
an investigation of a high-profile assistant coach, morphing into
a child molester, wouldn't talk? Come on. People can keep a
secret, but not one like this. Players, coaches, administrators,
trustees, local police, elected officials, journalists, and the
check out lady in the cafeteria, knew the entire university could
be blown up at anytime by the Sandusky Scud Missile.

Sandusky must have something HUGE on somebody, perhaps,
Paterno at Penn State. He coached with Joe Pa for 30 years.
30 years! Could Paterno have done something sinister during
that time and Sandusky used it as a chip to stay around campus,
get his "retirement" benefits, and coach kids at Penn State
satellite schools around the state. Adminstrators aren't dumb.
Nobody in their right mind would allow a known predator
to go near their school unless......yeah, you know what I'm saying.

A prosecutor who had been investigating Sandusky suddenly
goes missing in? His laptop found in the bottom of the Susquehanna
River? This is something out of a John Grisham novel, isnt' it?
But with so much at stake, and the power wielded by so many
at Penn State, whose university was in jeopardy of being exposed
as the biggest sham in academia and athletics, do you put it
past someone silencing the prosecutor? Remember the Clinton's
and Whitewater? It can and does happen.

As for Mike McQueary, the graduate assistant, who according to
the vile and nauseating grand jury report, saw Sandusky committing
a sexual act on a 10-year old in the shower at the team's football,
facility. Then, after consulting his father, told Paterno about the incident.
He's been vilified for not saving the kid from Sandusky and beating
the snot out of  him. For some reason, McQueary kept his job
while Paterno lost his. Was there something to that? Did he use
what he saw as leverage to get more money and long-term security?
Could  McQueary of had some type of relationship with Sandusky?
If not, why didn't a person who is 6'4" and 220lbs, give Sandusky
a forearm shiver and protect the kid. I really don't think he was
a coward, after all, McQueary was considered a tough player,
someone who played with a linebacker mentality's as the team's
quarterback during his career at Penn State. There HAS to be
more to it than him just running to his daddy before consulting
with Paterno. He might know of things in the program that are
scandelous beside Sandusky's despicable acts. Everything has
been twisted in this case,  it wouldn't be surprising if there
was more here than meets the eye here.

Why did police wait to arrest Sandusky, who was being invesitigated
as most recently as April, but really, going back to the late 90's, why
did the police wait until less than a week after Paterno set the
all-time record for wins. Did they suddenly get more evidence than
they had back in April? I don't think so.

The police, elected officals, trustees, adminstrators, athletic directors,
coaches, and players all knew of the football program's dirty, not
so little secret. They were all well past the point of no return.
The university would be ruined if that secret got out. Can you
imagine Paterno and everyone else living with that for the
last nine years?

However, it's not nearly as bad as what those children who
were damaged by Sandusky, have to live with for the rest of their
lives. Those involved in the cover-up never thought for a second
about those protecting their kids,  after all, they had more important
things to do, like saving themselves. And that's truly, truly sad.

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