Tuesday, November 1, 2011


After Tim Tebow pulled off the "Miracle in Miami", his famous
pose--head down, on one knee, elbow resting, appears to be
praying, caught fire like Facebook. People across this great land
became addicted to "Tebowing". That's right, the second coming
had a lot of people around the country immitating him. It went viral and
got a lot of play with media outlets around the county. From the very

very young to very old were "Tebowing". It surpassed Planking as the most
mindless excercise on the planet. But after leading the horrible
Broncos over the more horrible Miami Dolphins, "Tebowing" appeared

to be here to stay. Trouble was, Tebow turned in one of the worst
performances in NFL history the following week against the Detroit Lions.
Tebow went 18-for-39 with 172 yards passing and had a
passer rating of my waistline, 56. He was also sacked seven
times and the Broncos got thumped 45-to-something. Now fans
in Denver have a new version of "Tebowing". This new pose

illustrates just what fans think of Tebow and his performance.
There is no question Tebow is a cult hero, having won the
Heisman Trophy at the University of Florida. He's a great
humanitarian and overall, a really, really good guy. But time
is running out on whether he can actually be a bona fide starter
in the NFL. Merrill Hoge of  ESPN is always killing him and

he was doing the new version of "Tebowing" long before Sunday's
nauseating performance against the Lions. He can't stand Tebow,
thinks he can't throw, make reads, or run an offense properly.
Joe Montana was reportedly seen doing the new version of
"Tebowing" at his home in San Francisco, nearly killed his
beautiful wife with a projectile.

The new version of "Tebowing" already has gone viral. It was a big hit
in towns throughout the country on Halloween. Bars reported an unusually
high number of fights as a result of "Tebowing", people were throwing
up all over each other celebrating the craze that's hitting the nation.
John Elway, the greatest Bronco of all-time and a hall of famer as a
quarterback, reportedly threw up all over former teammate Vance
Johnson's high and tight fade haircut. Former Bronco coach Red Miller
rolled over in his grave and did the new version of "Tebowing".

Keyshawn Johnson, an ESPN analsyst, did "Tebowing" after breaking
down his performance, but before he threw up on Chris Berman, he said,
"Come on, Man!". The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta is worried
that an outbreak of the new "Tebowing" could cause an epidemic of
epic proportions and recommends that people get their "Tebowing"
prevention shots along with their flu ones.

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