Sunday, November 27, 2011


Remember back in September when Maryland opened their season
by beating Miami in their mind-altering, must've-been-in-on-LSD-when
designed uniforms? New coach Randy Edsall proclaimed he was going
to help change the perception of Terp football? Everybody in college
football was talking about Maryland in the first week of September.

On Saturday, the university finished a season that ranks as one of the
worst in school history. With their new coach and new Under Armour
uniforms, the Terps finished 2-10. And they did it in grand fashion
blowing a 27-point third quarter lead to NC State. That's like the Yankees
coughing up a 10-run lead in the 8th inning. Not only that, they
lost by double digits in a game they were leading by 27 points!

Maryland lost seven straight games by double digits for the first time
in school history. Coach Randy Edsall led Maryland to seven fewer
victories than the Terrapins had in 2010. That matches the second-largest
decline by a first-year coach of a major-conference program in the
past half-century.

They fired Ralph Friedgen, the 2010 ACC Coach of the Year for
this? In 10 years at Maryland, Friedgen compiled a record of 75-50
with 7 bowl appearances. Keep in mind that in the 10 years prior to
Friedgen, the Terps had one, just one winning season and went
to ZERO bowl games, none, nada, the big goose egg.

Maryland thought it could do better than Friedgen. Kevin Plank,
Maryland graduate, Under Armour founder, and de factor athletic director
for the Terps, thought he could change the "image" and perception
of Maryland football with those ridiculous uniforms. That's a problem
with our society today, where many feel its style over substance
and perception over reality. What's the perception of Maryland
football now? It's far worse than what it was with Friedgen, who
squeezed blood from a rock with the talent that he had. I'm sure
Maryland would love to have a 9-4 record, which happened in
Friedgen's last year.

Friedgen was nearly 400 pounds. He didn't fit the CEO image
of a football program that most big-time schools go for these days.
All Friedgen did was win. But Maryland saw the image and the
perception, and thought they could do better. Even with their
new uniforms and new coach, Maryland will never get better
than where Friedgen took them. The school is the bottom feeder
of the ACC with facilities, campus, academic reputation, and
recruiting base that are severely lacking. No recruit is going
to travel across the county just to wear those hideous uniforms

I detest these schools who always think they can do better
without looking at the facts or in the mirror. The University of
Georgia, who got lucky and won a national championship with
Herschel Walker back in the early 1980's, think it's their annual
rite to be playing for the crystal trophy. They almost fired Mark
Richt, who had a winning percentage of .850 last year. Good
thing, they stood pat. After losing their first two games,  the
ripped off 10 straight wins and will play LSU next week for
the SEC Championship. That's pretty good, right?

Administrators, boosters, and Kevin Plank are so disillusioned
by what they think they should be. Maryland was pretty good
with Ralph Friedgen, but just not good enough for the
aforementioned three. Maryland took three big steps with
Friedgen and 100 back with Edsall and their new uniforms.

After their total collapse to NC State, Edsall said, "We're going
to sit down and evaluate everything."

That's what the administration should've done after 2010 when
Friedgen led them to a 9-4 record. If Maryland had done that they
might've realized they had things pretty good.

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