Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Word out of Penn State has Joe Paterno fighting to coach the final
home game of the season on Saturday, which is truly sad. If Paterno
had fought as hard to protect young children from the predator that
is Jerry Sandusky, as he is to be on the sidelines against Nebraska,
he or Penn State would probably not be in this mess.

Penn State administrators have already made countless mistakes
that can be considered horrific, letting Paterno coach again,
much less on Saturday, would be Armageddon for the university
as well as college football. Did Paterno molest anybody? Absolutely
not. Should he be held accountable for letting Sandusky hang
around the program, especially after relaying what a graduate
assistant said Sandusky did to a boy in the shower? Absolutely.

This happened under Paterno's watch. This happened after
Sandusky "retired" in 1999. I'm sure someone will connect the
dots to find out why the former defensive coordinator really
"retired" and it won't be pretty. There will be more sordid details
to come out in the next few days and weeks. With the Internet
and reporters who want to make a name or themselves, all
the dirt of this scandal will be exposed.

Allowing Paterno to coach on Saturday would be an embarrassment
to Penn State, as well as our society in general. I'm sorry, but
we're not talking about a program that was caught cheating
or buying a player. This is the most heinous of scandals. Little
boys who were looking for a role model and guidance, instead
are raped and lose their innocence. How can anyone watch
this game knowing that Paterno turned his head or pleaded
ignorance to the despicable acts that were going on? How
can anyone look at Penn State the same?

The Paterno defenders will say that Joe Pa earned the right
to coach one final game because of all he did for the university.
Now, stop and think about that for a second. Because of all
he did for the university. Right. He made Penn State hundreds
of millions of dollars over his 60 years in Happy Valley. He
did things the right way? Did he really? How do we really
know? Because they didn't get caught? Because of all he did
for the university, Paterno has it swimming in a cess pool
and it will be quite sometime before the stench will get fumigated.

Paterno built the Penn State program from scratch. It was
made out to be a symbol of strength, character, and success.
Now, it's coming down like a house of cards. The king of the
throne is not the man we thought he was. He was more concerned
about his reputation, record, and legacy than the welfare
of some boys, and that is the saddest thing of all.

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