Saturday, November 5, 2011


Did you ever wonder what was going through the mind of Terrell Owens
when he had his personal workout and not one NFL team showed up?

Did you ever notice how the ownership group of the Red Sox  thinks its
their annual rite to be in the World Series and when they're not, they cry,
make excuses, and point fingers more than anyone in sports?

Did you ever wonder why Stevie Williams thinks he's anything more than
a guy who carries a bag for a living? Tiger's former caddie has never
swung a club or a made a putt under pressure.

Did you ever wonder if Bill Belichick became a defensive "genius" because
of his schemes or the fact that he had players like Lawrence Taylor, Harry
Carson, Carl Banks, Leonard Marshall, Ty Law, Tedy Bruschi, Richard
Seymour, Mike Vrabel, Lawyer Milloy, and Ted Johnson to execute

Did you ever wonder if Tony LaRussa knew the mullet went out
about the same time acid wash jeans did?

Did you ever notice that nobody is noticing the NBA has yet to play
a game this season?

Did you ever notice how Phil Simms will confront anyone who says
anything about the ability of his quarterback-playing sons, but when
he's criticizing the son of a former NFL quarterback he thinks it fair

Did you ever wonder if Nick Saban knows the economy is in the
dumper, the United States is still fighting two wars, and Andy
Rooney is dead?

Did you ever wonder if Stephen A. Smith or John Lackey have
any friends?

Did you notice how Albert Haynesworth is stealing money from the
Patriots like he did with the Washington Redskins?

Did you notice how quiet Brett Favre has been after criticizing
Aaron Rodgers, who has become best QB in the NFL, earlier this

Rest in peace, Andy Rooney, you were a true classic.

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