Friday, October 28, 2011


The St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series title means the best
team doesn't always win, but rather the team that's playing the best
when it matters the most. It means that you can't give up hope when
the chips are down and everybody but the Pope is criticizing you.
It means nothing is truly over until the schedule says its over because
even if you're down 10.5 games on August 25th, there is always
another team (Atlanta this year, Mets in so many other years) that will
fold like a house of cards when the pressure is turned up.

It means that no matter how much you may hate Tony LaRussa,
he is unquestionably a great manager, a first-ballot hall of famer.
Oh, sure, he made  some bonehead decisions in the World Series,
but he kept the team believing when they didn't believe in themselves.
He took misfits and castoffs from other teams like Octavio Dotel, Ryan
Theriot, Lance Berkman, and Nick Punto, yes, Nick Punto,\
and blended them all together with Pujols, Holliday, and
Carpenter and made a championship brew.

It means that once again, having the biggest payroll doesn't
equal championships.The Cardinals had the 11th highest
payroll in baseball. The Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies,
playing in much bigger markets with much greater bankrolls,
were out in the first round or in the case of the beer drinking
boozers from Beantown, didn't even make the playoffs.

It means that grit, heart, and desire are a much greater
combination than talent alone. Down to their last strike
twice in Game 6, they laughed in the face of adversity
and won the greatest game in post-season history.

It means that Albert Pujols not talking after his
game 2 error means nothing. You think the Cardinals
ownership, management, and fans care about that?
Hardly. He didn't owe anybody anything except a
maximum effort. That's it, that's all. The ring is
the thing and St. Louis got it, even if the media didn't
get their quote from Pujols.

It means that David Freese has earned legendary status
in the wondeful history of a proud and decorated franchise.
The World Series MVP was Mr. Clutch throughout the
Fall Classic and his walk-off HR in Game 6 ranks up
there with Kirby Puckett's winner in the same game in
the 1991 World Series.

It means baseball fans will no longer say Allen Who?
when the Cardinals outfielder is announced next year.

It means that John Mozeliak should be mentioned in the
same breath with Theo Epstein, and Brian Cashman as
brilliant architects of championshipteams.

It means that Dave Duncan should be a slam dunk to
become the first pitching coach to ever make the hall of
fame. What he did with the Cardinals pitching staff was
pretty special.

It means the city of St. Louis has overtaken Boston
as the best baseball town in the country.

It means that baseball for all its black eyes, nicks,
and cuts, can still produce something magical.

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