Sunday, October 23, 2011


Albert Pujols was roundly criticized after not sticking around after
his blunder in Game 2 of the World Series to talk about it. He said
nobody asked for him as he hid out in an area that was off limits
to the media. When reporters, analysts, and twitter-junkies didn't
get their quotes, they said Pujols "owed" it to them to come out
and talk about it. I heard things like, its his "responsibility" and
his "duty" to give his response. No, it was his choice to do what
he did. Everybody has choices to make everyday, he made his
on that one. He didn't talk, so be it.

The next day during the media session in Texas, Pujols said
the only people he "owes" are God, his family, and the Cardinals.
And he's right. He doesn't "owe" the media squat, zilch, nothing.
Does the media owe Albert Pujols anything but an error-proof
story? Absolutely not. And the one they were writing after
Game 3 of the World Series sure must've made good copy, huh?
Three home runs, five hits, six rbi's? One of the greatest performances
in the history of the post-season. The media "owes" him
great coverage on this, don't you think? Hell, no. The media
should just do their job, that's it, that's all. They don't "owe"
Pujols anything. It's not in their job description.

There's nothing in Pujols' job decription that says he has
to talk to the media, is there? Steve Carlton, the Phillies Hall of
Fame never talked to the media. Never. Did he care? Absolutely
not. Did the fans of Philadelphia care? Probably not too much,
especially after Lefty helped them win the World Series in 1980.
Did ownership give a darn? Hardly, they paid Carlton to win
games, not to be popular with the media or even talk to them.
If Pujols all of a sudden became a media whore like Kevin
Millar and so many others are in today's game, and his stats
suffer, who would that fall on, who would take the blame?
Pujols, and then the media would criticize him for talking too

Pujols gets paid to deliver and he's done that every single year
of his career. His stat line is just about the same every October:
300+ average, 30+HR's, 100+Rbi's. Automatic, The Machine.
Cooperstown has already reserved a place for him in the Hall
of Fame and he doesn't need the help of some revengeful, nerdy,
sportswriter to vote him in. His focus after Game 2 was getting
ready for Game 3 and the results were pretty good, weren't they?
Perhaps, Pujols didn't want to let the negativity surronding
his gaffe in Game 2 to seep into his psyche and have it affect
his hitting. Baseball is a game that can screw your head in a hurry.
Ask Adam Dunn, ask Carl Crawford, ask me. An ounce of
negativity can create self-doubt and sabatoge a season, much
less a short series.

Pujols chose not to talk about the past and instead, focus on
the future and the next game. I'm sure his teammates, Cardinals
ownership, and the fans in St.Louis are glad he did.
Pujols doesn't owe anyone in the media  anything.  He gets
paid to play the game and he's not too bad at it, is he?

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