Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was just wondering what all those critics who felt that
Albert Pujols "owed" the media an explanation for his
error in Game 2 are thinking now.

I was just wondering if John Lackey has anybody he can
call a friend besides his agent, who fleeced the Red Sox for
$80 million....

I was just wondering if anyone really cares about the guy
on Facebook who posts his workout everyday. I mean, come on,
25 push-ups, 100 sits up, and 10 chin-ups. Are we supposed
to be impressed?

I was just wondering what Tiger Woods sees in the mirror
when he looks at himself....

I was just wondering about Troy Palumalu and how cool it
was that he called his wife to tell him he was OK after getting
a concussion during a game. Screw the 10k find, that was
pretty awesome see him on the sideline phoning home to his

I was just wondering if the natural high the NESN employees
got after receiving Stanley Cup rings has worn off. I hope not.
They deserved those rings. Nice job by Sean McGail. Ray's
probably crying cause his Christmas bonus won't be as much
this year...

I  was just wondering why these sports television networks
keep pumping up Tim Tebow like he's Moses and can part
the Red Sea. Let's start with him completing 50% of his
passes before we start deifying him. Again.

I was just wondering if Red Sox ownership regrets smearing
Terry Francona's reputation the way they did....

I  was just wondering what the over/under is on the number
of years John Henry's trophy wife will stay with him before
she says, buh-bye.

I was just wondering if Nick Saban's going to ever look
back and say, "Darn, I wish I enjoyed life a little more."

I was just wondering if Stuart Scott is going to miss
that football toss during his next stand-up and get hit in
his good eye.

I was just wondering why Jerry West came out with
a book about his depression and tormented life. Some
things should be left alone.

I was just wondering how awesome the parents of the
Gronkowski's must feel, knowing they have three sons
who've played in NFL. That's amazing.

I was just wondering what Hope Solo's ex-boyfriend
is thinking.

I was just wondering when the police are going to
arrest that mother who claimed someone stole her
baby in the middle of the night. She admitted she
was drunk. This is not going to end well.

I  was just wondering if all the people on Facebook
have as great as life and they portray with pictures,
posts, and comments.

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