Friday, September 16, 2011


With mindless shows like "Jersey Shore", "Housewives of Anywhere,"
and nails-on-a-chalkboard programs like "Nancy Grace" clogging up
the airwaves, it's hard to find anything of substance anymore that's
worth watching. "Shark Week" hooked me for awhile as it was
both educational and fascinating. But other than that, and few
episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", the programming on television,
quite frankly, sucks.

However, when I saw that NFL Network was profiling Patriots
coach Bill Belichick, my curiosity was  piqued. My first reaction was,
"no effin way!"I had the privilege of being the Patriots beat reporter
for NESN in 2005-2006 and I never thought Belichick would let
anybody inside his world to see how he operates. I attended every
one of his press conferences for two years and he'd never say or
do anything but mumble, grumble, or give us his signature line of,
"it is what it is."

Belichick despises the media and has been perceived as arrogant,
bland, and lacking "people skills". When the Patriots lost the Super
Bowl to the  Giants to shatter their perfect season, the image of him
heading to the locker room before the game was over and not shaking
hands with Tom Coughlin rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and
painted him as a sore loser, which he is. He just hates to lose.

However, he is a coaching genius. A pure unadulterated coaching
genius and that was certainly on display during, "Bill Belichick:
A Football Life." Hoodie's life has been all football. He's been in
the NFL for more than 30 years and can break it down better than
anyone alive. That's not hyperbole, but fact. But I was shocked
to see the emotional side of Belichick come out in part one of the
documentary. He was actually crying when reminiscing about his
career with the Giants as he was going to be in the the stadium
for the last time.

I know this stunned a lot of people in New England because
Belichick has always guarded his emotions like Colonel
Sanders used to protect his secret recipe. We always thought that
in Belichick's world to show emotion, meant exposing a weakness.
In 2006, Belichick coached the day after his father died and he
didn't show the same type of emotion that he did when talking about
his days with the Giants. (See video here)

Belichick has always appeared to be unapproachable and distant
with many Patriot fans, who consider him a coaching god, but
also "Mr. Freeze" when it comes to warmth. But I think that
perception has changed somewhat after seeing the first episode.
Belichick did seem more human and even more likable. Fans
in New England had to love the Hoodie telling Baltimore receiver
Derrick Mason to "F--k off", and "to look at the scoreboard."
Belichick talking trash to an opponent?!! Nobody had ever heard
or seen him do anything like that before. Rex Ryan has never
done that, Bill Cowher never did it. That was classic stuff
which earned him huge points with fans in New England.

This is what reality television should be. Riveting, entertaining,
and featuring the lives of people like Belichick that we've never
seen before. I'm sick of Snooki, Kate Plus 8, and all the Kardashians.
That stuff is pure garbage. Give me more of Belichick in the Hoodie
and I'll return to watching television. This is appointment viewing.

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