Saturday, August 27, 2011


5. "HURRICANE" MIKE PRICE. The former coach at Washington 
     State blew into Tuscaloosa December of 2003 to take over at
     Alabama. His stay didn't last long. Five months later, Price played
     in pro-am golf tournament in Pensacola, FL. He got all liquored
     up and went to a strip club that night. Price was seen taking a
     woman not his wife back to his hotel room. She promptly rang
     up $1,000 in room service. Hello! And good-bye Mike Price.
     That school with the strong moral compass (wink, wink) promptly
     fired Price before he ever coached a game for the Crimson Tide.
     Price got a second chance a year later when Texas-El Paso hired
     him, but he's been in college football's black hole ever since.
4. TIM WELSH On the sideline after getting bounced out of Providence
    College as their head basketball coach, Welsh landed on his feet
    with Hofstra University. He signed a 5-year contract that would
    pay him an average of $600,000 per season. Yes, a basketball
    program at a commuter school that most of the country has never
    heard of, can dish out that much money for a basketball
    coach. Do the the "Pride" ever play on ESPNU or perhaps, ESPN3?
    Welsh was living it up one night in the Big Apple and when a
    police officer noticed a nice Lexus stopped at a green light with
    the car running, and the driver sleeping at the wheel. Welsh
    was in trouble. He failed the breathalyzer and somehow hoped
    no one would find out he got arrested for DUI. In New York?
    OK. Welsh didn't tell his bosses who found out through the media.
    Kiss that $600,0000 per year job good-bye. Welsh was promptly
    fired. Oh, but he did land at his feet at SNY as a commentator.
    Great credibility there. Guess one of the executives there needed
    a drinking partner.
3. MIKE TYSON. The self-proclaimed "baddest man on the
    planet" tsunamied his career, reputation, and fortune worth
    more than half-a-billion dollars. After Iron Mike left Kevin
    Rooney and the management team that helped make him
    the youngest heavyweight championship in the world and one
    of the globe's wealthiest people, Tyson tossed it all away
    with erratic behavior, bad decisions, and a relationship with
    Robin Givens. What the heck was that? She and her mom
    torpedoed Tyson and took a lot of his money. Then came
    the rape, the bite, and that great tattoo on his face. What do
    you mean, I thought you said it was removable? Tyson
    became a joke and a punch-line with all those pigeons.
    What's up with the pigeons anyway? Tyson did make a
    comeback with his cameo appearance in "The Hangover".
    Man, he was good on the air-drums.

2. MICHAEL VICK.  In 2007, Vick had it all: A $130 million
    contract, endorsement deals, great commercials, herpes, and
    the adoration of everyone in south. Then came the dogs, the
    fights, the torturing of them, the lies, and then prison. No
    athlete in the history of the game had every fallen so hard
    and so fast from grace. Before Vick went to the big house,
    he went into bankruptcy. However, Mr. Electric made arguably
    the greatest comeback of any fallen superstar. He has a great
    job with the Eagles, is adored in Philadelphia, and he's actually
    become a lot more likable. Plus, he's out of the red, financially.

1. TIGER WOODS. Eldrick didn't waste much time taking the
    baton from Vick in terms of suffering the biggest fall from grace.
    Before that ambien-fuel drive into the fire hydrant a few years
    ago, Tiger was the man. His reputation, at least with sponsors,
    the fans, and media, was impeccable. His father, Earl, once
    said Tiger would have as big an impact on the world as the
    Dali Lama, or was it Gandhi? I forget. Doesn't matter. Tiger
    was making $100 million a year in endorsements alone. He
    had a beautiful wife and two kids, a ridiculous yacht, and mansion.
    What didn't he have? Tiger had everything and appeared to
     be a lock to break Jack Nicklaus' record for most majors
     in a career. Now Tiger has nothing. No friends, very few
     endorsements, and his reputation has been shattered, possibly
     for good. For what? Over some sleaze-bag strippers and porn
     stars? Wow.

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