Thursday, August 4, 2011


Has there ever been a player in the last 30 years who has
created as much drama as Alex Rodriquez? Dennis Rodman was
controversial but his tattooed, body-pierced, wedding dress act
played out for about eight good years. Shawn Kemp was either
coked up or producing kids at a record rate, each with a different

But neither the Worm nor the Human Sperm Cell could
hold a candle to A-Rod. He's the ultimate drama queen, the magnet
who draws controversy like Tiger Woods collected porn stars

The Yankees 3-time MVP now has to answer questions from MLB
about his involvement in a high-stakes, underground poker game.
Some of you may be rolling your eyes because it's just a card
game, but MLB takes gambling very seriously. Oh, sure, they turned
their heads  and looked the other way when players were pumping
fraud into their bodies during the steroid era, but A-Rod in a card game?

MLB has no choice but to investigate A-Rod's role in it because a
high-stakes card game brings more than just big money and celebrities
to the table. Seedy characters have a way of hanging on to players like
A-Rod, and MLB doesn't want them anywhere near the game for
obvious reasons.

I'm sure MLB has had just about all it can take from the highest-paid
player in the game. They don't like seeing A-Rod on the front/back page of
the New York Post for things other than hitting home runs. And they
certainly have. Since arriving in the Big Apple in 2004, A-Rod has been
one big vacuum that sucks in controversy.  Here's the list just from
his career with the Yankees.

Photographed with a stripper going into his hotel in Toronto.
Dated Madonna.
Divorced his wife.
Got a facial from Jason Varitek.
Slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove nobody else.
Lied to Katie Couric during an interview on "60 Minutes".
Identified as a steroid cheat on MLB's list of 103 players who failed a test.
Accused of giving signs to friends on opposing teams during games.
Photographed for a magazine kissing himself in the mirror.
Linked to steroid-guru Dr. Galea.
Admitted he's not best friends with Derek Jeter and no longer has sleepovers.
Captured being fed popcorn by Cameron Diaz on national television
during Super Bowl (Most guys wouldn't have a problem with that,
but because it was A-Rod, the critics pounced)

You can't make this stuff up. I'm sure I omitted a few other things
where was A-Rod front and center, but you get the drift. Where there
is A-Rod, there is usually controversy.

How did A-Rod acquire this ability to attract all this attention, most
of it negative? First of all, he was probably doing some of the same dumb
things in Seattle and Texas where they were either buried under the rug
or just ignored. As we know, New York City has the biggest and most
powerful microscope in the world. Nothing is missed, nothing is ignored.
And the New York media has a way of sensationalizing things, don't they.

In some egotistical way, one has to believe A-Rod enjoys the attention
whether its good or bad. A-Rod used to be so protective and obsessed
with his image that he used to ask reporters what people thought of him.
After his first few years with the Yankees, he discovered that a lot of
people didn't like him and he couldn't control what they thought. But
just as long as they were talking about him and he was on the pages
of the New York Post, he was happy.

People who want to stay out of controversy, usually do. People who
want to dip their toes in it, usually drown in it, especially
when they feel they are bulletproof or untouchable.

A-Rod has so much money, power, and fame, he has gotten to the
point where he could care less about rules, card games, or whether
or not people think he's a steroid cheat and all his numbers are tainted.

Is it just plain arrogance and/or ignorance? Yes, there's a good chance
that it's both. A-Rod will get a slap on the wrist from MLB and told
to quit playing high-stakes poker. But that will be about it.

At one time, A-Rod was considered to be the best player in the game
and one of the best of all-time. But we don't really think much of that
anymore. With his body breaking down at an alarming rate, breaking
the all-time  home run record seems out of reach for A-Rod. Trouble
is the Yankees are still on the hook for another seven years with A-Rod.
Seven more years. That sure is a heck of a lot of time for more drama,
don't you think?

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