Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"Ray Lewis...Linebacker...The U"
"Clinton Portis...Running Back...Thaaaa U."
"Vince Wilfork..Nose Tackle...The UUUUUUU."

No matter how all the U-sers introduce themselves on Sunday Night
Football and proudly state where they went to party and play football,
it's all the same. They all came out of the cess pool of college football
known as the University of Miami.

The recent allegations that a former "booster" named Nevin Shapiro,
who is serving 20 years in the big house for concocting a ponzi scheme,
gave cars, gifts, prostitutes, and other goodies to 72 players, is hardly
surprising. After all, we're talking about "The U".

"The U"  has been an outlaw program ever since Jimmy Johnson and
his helmet head road into town in the mid-80's. You remember his
teams don't you? In 1987, they got off the plane in Army fatigues,
embarrassed themselves at banquets, and then promptly got their
butts whipped in the Fiesta Bowl and national title game against
Penn State.

There was the Pell Grant scandal in 1990 and the outlaw image they
created and reveled in during that same decade. They talked trash,
ran up scores, and celebrated as if they were filming a rap video with
Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur. And that crotch grabbing thing after
touchdowns? Stay classy, Miami,  staaaaay classy.

Oh, sure. They won national championships with Johnson, Dennis
Erickson, and Larry Coker, while producing top-tier NFL talent.
But the way they did it wasn't exactly textbook or with a good image.
ESPN dedicated a 30/30 program and it was an embarrassment to the
University and the rest of the NCAA.

Now comes the Shapiro scandal and this won't be pretty for the University.
All the administrators are doing what most do best when the hammer is
about to come down: plead ignorance. What? No? We had noooo idea
this stuff was going on?  No, we didn't see the players driving Hummers
and Beamers with Mr. T starter kits dangling from their necks.

Everybody's going to play stupid at Miami, but the smart thing the NCAA
should do is shut down the program for a year. All those other messages
the NCAA sent to South Beach over the years apparently never got past
the Clevelander. Miami kept doing as they pleased, damn the rules an the

Once a dominant force in college football, Miami can't even control the
ACC anymore. The program didn't get back to an elite level with Randy
Shannon, and Al Golden isn't going to have a chance with Doomsday
just over the horizon.

Miami is not alone in bad behavior. North Carolina, USC, Tennessee,
Ohio State, Boise State and a few other programs are all dealing with
the old, "lack of institutional control" allegations. However, Miami has
been playing with the devil for a long, long time and the NCAA may
have had enough. With schools running out of control and seemingly
laughing in the face of the NCAA, the governing body of college sports
may feel that it's time to send a message to the rest of the country and
make an example out of "The U."

Some may defend Miami, saying college football needs the Hurricanes
like the NFL needed the Oakland Raiders when they were good. Nobody
really cares about the silver and black anymore, basically because they
aren't any good. Every good story needs a villain and Miami has filled
that role for many years.

But really, the program has gone downhill and it's not really a major player
in college football anymore. Major programs don't get their butt whipped
in The Sun Bowl by Notre Dame. And that never would've happened under

It is time for the NCAA to step up and make Miami an example. The
ogranization has been pussy-footing around for years with big programs
because they are cash cows for the NCAA. Forget about that. When
is all this garbage in college sports going to end? There has NEVER been
an off-season like this in college football. It will only get worse unless
they turn the lights out on "The U" for a year. This has to be done.
It's time to say good-bye to "The U".


  1. Slowly, but surely, most big time college football powers have decided that the $$$$ they make from their cesspool quasi-pro programs was worth more than their institutional dignity and academic integrity. The IRS should step in and strip them of tax exempt status on all sports entertainment revenue. Let the 18 year old kids (and their parents) who want to get paid or live like rap stars go find some agents who will finance a minor league system for them and then require schools to show some ACTUAL academic progress and graduation rates to field a college football team.

  2. HAHA you guys are fucking idiots !!! Hey Paul, looks like your wish isn't gonna come true. Man UM must've really put several ass whippings on your team for you to hate us this much.

    Or did your wife or daughter come down to Miami to get some "THUG" dick ? Haha, can't satisfy her anymore ? HAHAHAHA