Sunday, August 7, 2011


He punctuated victory with his fist frozen in air, his bicep
bulging like a bodybuilder striking a pose. He flashed a mile-wide
grin filled with shiny white chicklets, a signal to his sponsors
that the money they dropped into his back account was a good

The magic was there too, with long, treacherous putts
seemingly pulled into the hole by a magnet . Even the caddie was
the same, the hulking New Zealander looking over his masters
shoulder, giving a read on an important putt.

The only problem was, this wasn't Tiger Woods, but Adam
Scott, who rinsed away Tiger's Sunday red, with his powerful
black, the new color of money and part of a wardrobe signifying

Scott's four shot victory over the field in the WGC-Bridgestone
invitational was as a complete as the one's Tiger used to author
on this very same course

And while Scott was basking in his glory, a surreal scene was
playing out as Steve Williams, Tiger's long-time caddie who got
the pink slip just a short time ago, was being serenaded by the
fans with chants of "Stev-ie, Stev-ie".

Williams even got interviewed by CBS after the round. Are you
kidding me? When was the last time a caddy ever got interviewed
after his pro won a tournament? When you get dusted by Tiger
after 12 years and 67 wins, America wants to know what you're thinking
and what you're going to say.

Williams said "it was the best victory he's ever had in 33 years of caddying."
Yes, better than all those majors with Tiger and all those millions that
Tiger made for him. This was just a great shot at Tiger, no if's, ands
or butt's. A scorned caddy taking a big swipe at the man who made
him rich and famous.

Golf  NEEDS this. The PGA NEEDS drama. If America is going
to tune into some ridiculous "Jersey Shore" and "Housewives,
wherever" episode, then this should pull some new viewers in.
The PGA Tour needs drama because up until this weekend, it's been
a giant snooze fest.

I can't wait to see Tiger, Stevie, and Scott in the same pairing.
How awesome will that be? Tight-shots of Stevie celebrating
ever so slightly after Tiger misses a big putt. Tiger giving Stevie
the death stare as he walks in his line on the green. Scott just
laughing. The PGA Tour's new slogan should be changed from,
"these guys are good", to "these guys are going to go at it."

During his big interview, Williams took the time to say Tiger
fired him over the phone, which, if the case, would be the most
gutless move since former Reds GM Jim Bowden called then
manager Tony Perez in his hotel room after 44 games and fired
him. A player of Perez' stature getting the classless treatment
like that? Brutal.

Anyway, Tiger's agent, the same one who told him to come
out from the ridiculous blue curtain and apologize to the country
(his sponsors), got on his blackberry and said that Tiger did
fire him face to face and that Williams just couldn't handle this.

This is great stuff. The PGA Tour has a pulse again. Stevie,
and Tiger's agent now arguing like some 7th grade school girls
in the cafeteria about whose Facebook page is better. CBS better
start hyping these guys and their dislike for each other like
HBO does its 24/7 with its boxers. Bring it on.

And by the way, Tiger, what's that saying about Karma?

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