Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Interesting cast for the upcoming edition of "Dancing With the Stars".
It's clear the producers of the show went for a theme that was based
on characters who have been dumped, dinged, and saddled with
borderline personality disorder. Here's a breakdown.

Every good story needs a lightning rod or villain, and Nancy Grace
is it. Just looking at her makes my lip curl. Just listening to her
makes the hair on the back of my neck (when I don't shave it) rise.
The host of whatever show she does on "HLN" is abrasive, annoying,
and tough to like. Do you think Casey Anthony will tune in, hoping
that Grace falls flat on her face.

Chaz Bono is the freak in the circus that you just won't be able
to take your eyes off of. He/She is the real life "It's Pat" character
that used to rule "Saturday Night Live". You know the one we had
trouble telling if it was a boy  or girl. Bono has been both. Was
a woman, is now a man. If she/he didn't like being a woman, how is
Bono going to do while dancing with one?

Interesting how they invited Carson Kressley to be on the same show
as Bono. He's the host of the award-winning show, "Queer Eye for the
Straight Guy."  Safe to say, Kressley is going to be putting the radar
lock on Bono. Wow, you just can't make this up.

Every good show needs some eye candy, and DWTS has it with Elisabeta
Canalis and Kristen Cavallari. Both are hot enough to ignite a five-alarm
fire, but they are bringing some baggage to the dance floor. Canalis
was dumped by George Clooney, while Cavallari got the the Sabastian
Janikowski boot from Bears QB Jay Cutler, which actually could be
a blessing in disguise. Does anybody really want to live with a
petulant,  spoiled-brat of a quarterback who bails on his team. And
Cavallari really shouldn't have been surprised. If Cutler quit on his
team when things got tough, dumping a fiance when things got a little
difficult was expected.

Is any show anywhere on television these days complete without a
Kardashian? By the way, how many  Kardashian's are there anyway?
Mrs. K, you are a champ. Rob gets his 15 minutes in the spotlight.
He's just like his sisters: no talent and never did anything but be
a Kardashian to get rich and famous.

Hope Solo on Dancing With The Stars? We saw this one coming for
a long time, didn't we? She is sexy, beautiful, mysterious, and athletic.
Not sure if she can dance, but does that really matter? It will be
interesting to see if the goalie for the U.S Soccer team will sell out
her dance partner just as she did to her coach during the World Cup
soccer tournament four years. After not starting against Brazil, Solo
called out and embarrassed her coach, thus becoming ostracized by
the rest of the team. She made a nice recovery , though.

Ron Artest. He certainly puts the freak in the freak show. The NBA
start ignited the "Malice at the Palace" brawl years ago and was suspended
for more than 60 games by David Stern. He is tough, volatile, and has
admitted that he's a little whacko. Remember that post-game press
conference after the Lakers won the NBA Title two years ago? Wow.
Artest likes to show off his six-pack, so expect a lot of shirtless dances.

Should be an interesting year on Dancing With the Freaks.

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