Monday, August 15, 2011


Carlos Zambrano has one of the greatest jobs in the world. The history
of it. The Cubs pitcher makes $18 million dollars a year and he's only
asked to perform 30-35 times a season. He lives and works in one of
America's great cities, Chicago, Illinois. First class is the only way
he travels and he gets to stay in the best hotels in the world. He
never picks up his luggage, and to top it all off, Zambrano comes
to work to find his shoes shined every day. Man, that's a good life.
But man, Zambrano has to be the worst person in sports.

Zambrano, who was recently suspended by the Cubs for 30 days for
acting like a spolied two-year old after not getting the toy he wanted,
is starting to make Milton Bradley look like Tom Brady. He's starting
to make Casey Anthony look civil. The guy has turned into the human
volcano, threatening to erupt every time he has a bad outing, which
has become as common as Pac-Man Jones getting arrested.

The "Big Z", as he's been called, is the biggest spoiled child the
game has ever seen, and boy, haven't we seen a lot of them. Zambrano
throws a tantrum when he gets lit up like a christmas tree on the mound,
yells at teammates, and goes postal on umpires. Last year, when he
didn't like a call at a play at the plate, he got ejected and then tossed
the ball into the left-field bleachers. It was his best throw of the season.

In the last two years, Zambrano has been suspended twice, sent to
anger management, and dressed down every teammate not named
Starlin Castro. The "Big Z" was sent back to his dog house after
threatening to retire---again. After getting roughed up in his last
outing, Zambrano told clubhouse personnel he was retiring and
cleaned out his locker. His agent later said Zambrano was frustrated.
Too late and too bad, the Cubs suspended him

The Cubs truly hope that he does retire. They've paid him almost
$100 million dollars in his career and Zambrano can't be a leader,
good citizen, or even a good pitcher, for that matter. As Bill Parcells
once said, "You are what your record says you are." Zambrano has
won only more than 11 games once in the last 5 years. If you pay a
guy $18 million dollars a year, shouldn't you get a little more than
what rookie Dylan Gee gives the Mets?

Zambrano threatenening to retire is laughable. Nobody leaves that
kind of money on the table. Nobody. Zambrano is a disgrace to
himself, the Cubs, and everyone in baseball from the kid at the end
of the bench in Little Leaague, to Albert Pujols.

To make that kind of money and have a life that people can only dream
of having, and to act like a complete idiot, is a full-fledged disgrace.
Zambrano acts as if he's actually done something in his career. Oh, yeah,
he threw a no-hitter, but even AJ Burnett has done that and Dallas
Braden has thrown a perfect game. So the Big Z got lucky once
in his career.

Zambrano is just another athlete who's been poisoned by entitlement,
and as Tiger Woods once said, "normal rules don't apply" to Zambrano,
or so he thinks. I'll never understand why a person who can throw a
baseball 95-miles an hour feels he's entitled to act like a complete
and utter jerk.

Carlos Zambrano is bad for Chicago, bad for the Cubs, and a black-eye
for baseball.  He's almost certifiably nuts, loco, pyscho, or any other adjective
you can think of to describe a person who is a loose cannon. Commissioner
Bud Selig should order Zambrano into extensive re-hab and therapy.
The Big Z is a mountain of a man that's ready to erupt again. The next
incident might be one that leaves a black mark on the game for awhile.

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