Monday, August 22, 2011


The hardest hits of the NFL's preseason have been occurring in the stands.
From Baltimore to the Bay area, football fans have been far more
physical than the players going through the motions in another
meaningless exhibition season.

Fans are showing off their inner Ray Lewis, taking out fellow
fans with blind side hits and haymakers that would make Mike Tyson
proud. In San Francisco last weekend, 49er and Raiders fans, who
will never take any trips to wine country together, put on the ugliest
display of pugilism since Ron Artest went postal in the "Malice at
the Palace" several years ago. What is going on with fans these days?
Are they juicing like the players and experiencing 'roid rage? We've
seen fights in the stands before, but never at this rate. It's gotten
out of control.

Where is all this anger coming from? The economy? Unemployment?
Getting "de-friended" on Facebook? Or are these people just being
fueled by alcohol and behaving badly? And it's not just high testosterone
levels of males that are instigating fights. A bunch of woman produced a
melee of epic proportions in the parking lot before that game between
the 49ers and Raiders.

Oh, and I forget to mention the shootings that occurred after that game in
San Francisco. Guns, fists, and foul-mouthed adults? Is it even safe to go
to a game anymore? Most of the time these brawls are incited by a bunch
of adults outfitted in their favorite players jersey yelling an insult at
another bunch of adults outfitted in an opposing players jersey. There
is a "Yeah, Eli Manning stinks!" And a response, "Well, Michael Vick
is going to kill your dog and I'm going to enjoy it.". Then it escalates
to mother's, her momma's momma, and swimmin' with the fishes.

(Note: I'll never understand why  adults dress up in jersey's, paint their
faces, and act like they are 7th-year seniors in "Animal House." For a
football game? Please)

Is the NFL on the verge of becoming like European soccer games? Are these
just hooligans in disguise or Brian Urlacher jerseys? This could become
an epidemic that the NFL will have trouble dealing with. They open the
stadium parking lots three hours before the games so people can get
liquored up and then, because they feel they purchased a ticket, it gives
them the right to act like a total jerk.

Problems like these, usually get worse before they get better. Every
low-life in need of his 15 minutes of fame, will make sure the cameras
are rolling before he sucker-punches some wise-ass fan who fired off
one  insult too many. Sad as it may seem, that's the way things are
going these days, especially with cellphone cameras and YouTube.

The question is, how many people have to get shot or beat into a
coma before the NFL teams and league do anything about it?

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