Thursday, July 21, 2011


In the past year, Tiger Woods has done more splits than a Chinese
gymnast. He split with his wife, swing coach, IMG, and a few sponsors
who were paying him an obscene amount of money to be associated
with him. On Wednesday, Tiger broke up with his long-time caddy,
Steve Williams, firing him after 12 years together.

This may have come as a surprise to a lot of people, after all, Williams
was on Tiger's bag for 13 major titles and 72 overall victories. But
it's hardly a shock. After the porn-stars, pin-ups, three-ways,
and voice messages that detailed his desire for golden showers, is
there anything that is shocking anymore when it comes to Tiger Woods?

When Tiger hit that fire hydrant almost two years ago, a lot more than
water came spewing out of it. There were lies, deceit, incredible
infidelity, and an image that was far different than the one he, his parents,
and the agents from IMG had cultivated.

Gone was the picture of the perfect family man. Remember those photos
that Tiger sent out of he and his beautiful wife and kids. We didn't know
it at the time, but as soon as the photographer said, "I'm done," Tiger was
going to Denny's for a grand slam breakfast and a side order of waitress.

Everything about Tiger's image was shattered. He went from the most
popular athlete on the planet to the most detested one. Sponsors fled
like ants who were about to have their magnificent hills crushed by
a giant foot. His wife left him, SNL lampooned him, and everyone else
just laughed at him

Tiger Woods is a broken man and appears to be a lost soul. With
his injuries, he's become insignificant in the sport, and even if he
comes back to break Jack Nicklaus' record for majors, it won't mean
all that much. It will always be, "yeah, but he's a dirt bag. Jack
Nicklaus had class."

No matter what Tiger does from here on out, it'll always be followed
by, "yeah, but..." Perhaps that is why Tiger is cleaning house and removing
everything and everyone who was associated with him when he went
from a god to a god-awful person. People don't like Tiger Woods right
now, and it's hard for people to feel sorry for him because he cheated
on his wife and family in the most despicable of ways.

Perhaps, the termination of Steve Williams is all part of Tiger's grand
personal make-over. For all the wins on his bag, a lot of fans detested
Williams. He'd yell at fans to shut up when his master was hitting.
He'd grab a photographers camera and smash it if he didn't like the
timing of their clicks when his master was about to vaporize a ball.

And Williams would try to part the massive crowds like Moses tried
to part the Red Sea, except Williams never bothered to say excuse me,
sorry, or my bad. Yep, he was just Bobby Knight with a golf bag and
people didn't like it.

Two months before Tiger hit that fire hydrant and his world unraveled,
he was honored during halftime of a Stanford-Cal football game. As
he was introduced, Tiger, who played golf for the Cardinal but never
graduated, was booed by the Cal fans because, quite frankly, they
boo anyone who is associated with Stanford, even Tiger Woods.

I'll never forget the look on Tiger's face when he heard the boos.
He was shocked because after all, he was Tiger Woods. Nobody
ever booed him. Tiger cared so much about his image and being loved
and universally respected.

He lost all that with one bad, ambien-fueled, drive into a fire hydrant.
That was the end of the Tiger Woods as we knew him. He can fire
Steve Williams, his agents, swing coaches, or whoever else he wants.
Tiger can try to put together an extreme make-over. He can get advice
from Dr. Phil, Dr. Ruth, and Dr. Galea, its just not going to matter.
The Tigers Woods that we thought we knew,  never really was. And
right now, he is "The Biggest Loser" in all of this.

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