Friday, July 29, 2011


When Chad Ochocinco walked through the gates of Gillette stadium,
he quickly morphed from the clown prince of football to just a football
player as common as his real last name. Like Dorothy found out in
the Wizard of Oz, Ochocinco is a long way from home and is certainly
not in Cincinnati anymore.

Ochocinco has gone from the NFL's "Animal House", to it's Microsoft,
where another genius named Bill has constructed an empire unlike
any other. He's on the yellow-brick road to a Super Bowl and on
the way to being significant again if he can absorb the Belichick Rules.
The Patriots are run like a Fortune 500 company whose leader is
ruthless, cold-blooded, and doesn't tolerate anyone who
puts themselves before the team.

Ochocinco didn't need anyone to send him that message, he is smart
enough to know that his previous antics won't be accepted
by Belichick or anyone else on the Patriots. You won't see the River
Dance, Gold Hall of Fame jackets, CPR on football's, or sideline
arguments with his quarterback. They are not accepted in Foxboro.
Johnson was the most entertaining player in football, but under the
Belichick, his focus will be on running routes and sight adjustments,
not on trying to make people laugh.

Wes Welker found that out last year during the playoffs, didn't he?
The all-pro receiver tried to covertly mock Jets coach Rex Ryan
about he and his wife's foot fetish using metaphors like foot soldiers
and good feet. Belichick wasn't amused and benched Welker for
the first offensive series. Missing the first eight players really wasn't
all that bad for Welker, but the embarrassment made it seem as
if he was benched for the entire game.

You won't hear Ochocinco call out opponents, challenge fans,
or make bold predictions anymore. In the culture that's been
created in Foxboro, that won't be tolerated by Belichick or
Ochocinco's new teammates.

The Chad Ochocinco who played in Cincinnati was fun and
wildly entertaining. But we won't see that again in New England.
which some may think is disappointing. However, that's just
the way it is with Belichick, and that way has worked wonder-
fully for more than a decade. Corey Dillon didn't change it,
and neither did Randy Moss.

Ochocinco has danced with the stars, now he's doing the tango
with greatness. If he doesn't screw it up, it should be ridiculously

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