Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Tiki Barber is like the attractive 40-year old blonde on Facebook
who keeps posting flattering pictures of herself to get positive
reinforcement that she is still drop-dead gorgeous, despite the fact
that her best days are behind her.

After retiring from the game in 2006 in the prime of his career, the
former NY Giants running back's best days as an athlete and person,
are clearly behind him, but his attempts at reinforcement have backfired,
reinforcing to the sports world what a bad guy he is.

Now that he has napalmed a marriage, television career, and reputation
Barber wants our sympathy and reinforcement that he was actually
"a somebody".  Last week, during a segment on HBO, Barber admitted
that he is suffering from depression after losing his 2 million dollar a
year job with NBC to work as an NFL analyst and correspondent for
the Today show. He admitted to sitting on the couch for "10 hours and
doing absolutely nothing."

First of all, depression is a serious issue that millions of people suffer
from. I am not making light of it, but Tiki, come on. To use it to gain
sympathy now is a travesty and something that everyone can see right

A series of bad decisions by Barber brought this "depression" on and
he has no one to blame but himself. After his playing career was over,
Barber bad-mouthed his former teammates like Eli Manning, mocking him
for his southern drawl and leadership skills. He said the Giants would
never win anything with Tom Coughlin as the head coach. A funny thing
happened. Without Tiki, the Giants won the Super Bowl the very next
year, throttling the Patriots in their quest for a perfect season.

Then Barber decided to ditch his pregnant wife for a 23-year old co-worker
at NBC. It's as bad a PR move a high-profile "celebrity" could make. This
guy who carefully choreographed his image as a squeaky-clean family guy,
turned out to be the fraud many people thought he was.

The negative publicity and New York Post, whom Barber accused of "stalking
him" forced him and his girlfriend to seek refuge in the attic of his agent,
Mark Lepselter. Barber then dug himself a deeper hole by coming himself
to Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

"Lep's jewish," said Barber. "It's like the reverse of Anne Frank."

I guess in this world where athletes blame God for dropping a pass, the
disaster in Japan, or losing the NBA Finals, we shouldn't be surprised by
Barber's stupid comment, but that was utterly stupid and ridiculous.

Now, at 36 years old, Barber is attempting an NFL comeback because
"he needs to prove that he can be a success at something." This is sad, oh
so really sad. Barber needs to go back to football to prove that he can
be success. But really, it's more about re-confirming to himself that he
was a somebody. Kind of like that 40-year old blonde who can't help
herself when posting all those great pictures of herself, with the trail
of comments saying, "OMG, you are so hot."

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