Friday, June 10, 2011


Seriously. David Ortiz flips his bat after a home run and everybody
around the Evil Empire and ESPN nation is making a big deal of it?
You'd have thought the Red Sox slugger texted a picture of his "Little
Papi" to that Weiner of a politician in New York, with the way
everybody reacted. Dateline NBC wanted Chris Hanson to do a show
on Ortiz called "To catch a bat-flipper." I was waiting for ESPN to
break out feature from "Sports Science" detailing the distance, trajectory,
and speed of Ortiz' flip of the bat.

Ortiz gets moved off the plate by some Yankees pitcher you never
heard of, then Big Papi hits a frozen rope into the stands and then
flips his bat toward his own dugout saying, "That was like a BP
fastball and I crushed it." So what if he styled a little bit, Big Papi's
an entertainer.

After the game, Yankees manager Joe Girardi, whined like Brad
Steinke does when he doesn't get his way at Fox Sports Arizona,
like a little girl. Girardi said he "didn't care for what Ortiz did" He
said he respected Ortiz for being a clutch player, but he was more
concerned about protecting his young pitcher. Protecting his younger

Joe, make him grow some coconuts. Instead of whining,
you should have told the guy to drill Ortiz the next time up. Don't
give us that garbage. Since Roger Clemens left, there hasn't
been a pitcher in pinstripes with any type of moxie. Nobody in
the Bronx protects their own hitters and teammates after getting
drilled. AJ Burnett? He's scared of his own shadow.

CC Sabathia finally plunked Ortize with a 97-mile an hour fastball
series finale, but that was after 161 games that Ortiz had played
 against the Bombers and the media calling for the Yankees to
drill Ortiz. After the game, Ortiz blamed the media for their
obsessiveness with the bat flip for getting him drilled, "I hope
you (expletives) are happy now. I'm done." Ortiz said.

You had to love Big Papi's comments the night before after Girardi
peed in his diapers. He told the Yankee skipper to "take it
like a man".

And for the Yankees to make a big deal of Ortiz flipping a bat
and showing up a pitcher is absurd. That organization put a patent
out on styling and showboating. Remember how Ricky Henderson
used to act after knocking one out of the yard. Flipping the bat,
tapping his chest, making a big turn before he got to first base.
Ridiculous. Nobody threw down a bat and admired a home run
like Reggie Jackson. With "Mr. October", you'd have thought
every one of his jacks landed outside the stadium, the way he
stood and admired them.

Big Papi has been attacked by the media and crucified by the
fans a lot over the past few years. He lost his bat speed and
part of his reputation from his namebeing leaked about failing
a drug test in 2003. Ortiz was hurt by all the personal attacks,
and despite having a huge bounce back year, he was clearly
insulted by all the attention that the bat flip has gotten. And he
should be. This is just another example of paralysis by over analysis.

Every media outlet in the country knows that controversy sells,
but they just over do it knowadays. This was such a non-story,
that it was embarrassing. Yet, you have just about every media
hack, sports radio talking head, and the so-called experts like
Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian, who never made it out of Little
League, telling us the mind set of Ortiz and baseball etiquette.

The media glorifies the style of players. ESPN has always spotlighted
the guys who've stood and watched their home runs like Bonds, Griffey,
Ramirez and Ortiz. Then they turn around and put on the full-court
press when something they don't like occurs. It's insane.

As Big Papi said to Girardi, "take it like a man". Everybody else
should as well and move on.

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