Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It really is hard to believe that in just over a year, LeBron James has
gone from one of the most popular athletes in the world, to one of
the most reviled. His fall from grace is only surpassed by Tiger Woods,
who napalmed his squeaky-clean image by sleeping with every living,
breathing porn-star, pin-up, and waitress from Denny's on the planet.

James' downfall wasn't blatant infidelity, but rather a series of really
bad decisions. This basketball prodigy who carefully choreographed
his path from high school to the NBA, proclaiming himself to be the
"King" and "the Chosen One", made several mistakes that's turned
him into a punching bag for the media, critics, and fans of Cleveland.

Perhaps, money, power, fame, ego, and greed, blurred his senses,
making every statement to come out of his mouth, a stupid one, and
every decision a bad one. LeBron is getting lampooned and criticized
as much as Anthony Weiner, and his popularity is on par with the
beleaguered Congressman. He can rack that up to the "Bad Decisions".

May 14, 2010. The decision to rip off his jersey after the Cavs were
knocked out of the Eastern Conference semifinals, was a bad one.
LeBron didn't just rip it off, he tore it off like it smelled as bad as
Cleveland itself. There was great symbolism in that gesture, one that
was not lost on the city by the lake. It was as if LeBron was saying,
"that's it, that's all, I want nothing to do with you anymore."

May 14, 2010. The decision to talk about his plans at the press
conference immediately following the loss to the Celtics. "I have
my team, we have a game plan, we're going to execute it, and see
what we get," LeBron said. "See what we get?" "My team?" "Game
plan?" Just a bad choice of everything. He just made it appear
like it was going to be one big money grab and didn't care if he
was about to rip the heart and soul out of the city of Cleveland.

JULY 8, 2010. "The Decision" of all bad decisions. Whoever came
up with the idea to announce LeBron's decision in an hour-long
infomercial on ESPN, is probably running a studio-camera in
Erie, Pa right about now. This was bad, bad, bad all the way around.
LeBron made the decision not to tell anyone with the Cavs
organization that he was leaving. This, after the organization paid him
millions of dollars, and tried hard to accommodate his requests to
improve the team. LeBron just left them hanging out to dry, ready
to be embarrassed even more, this time on national television. The
city of Cleveland has endured more heartbreak than any one deserves
and they had to go through this?

LeBron's next bad decision was using the carefully planned statement
that will follow his Highness forever. "I'm taking my talents to South
Beach." He probably hears that statement over and over in his sleep.
Just plain stupid to use that line. It wreaks of egotism, narcissism,
and ignorance.

JULY 10, 2010. LeBron decides to take part in that ridiculous charade
the Miami Heat put on. They introduce the new "big 3" with all the bells
and whistles. Strobe lights, smoke coming from the floor, the loud music.
This was just ridiculous. Even more ridiculous was LeBron's statement
that he wasn't thinking about winning one championship, but "6, 7, and
8 titles." Please. Start with one and then you could think about two.
Every NBA player, coach, and GM burned that phrase by LeBron in
their memory and used it as motivation.

JANUARY 11, 2011. LeBron's old team gets crushed by 55 points
to the Lakers. A brutal loss. LeBron decides to bask in the glow of
seeing owner Dan Gilbert's team just annihilated. He decides to tweet,
"Karma is a b----ch. It's not good to wish bad on anybody. God
sees everything."  First of all LBJ, God could care less about tweets
and basketball. Second of all, what "superstar" takes the time to
tweet something stupid like that?" An 8-year old child wouldn't even
do that. And then LBJ backed off, saying that tweet "wasn't even from
me. I got it from someone else and I sent it out." Wow, blame it on
someone else. Really?

JUNE 12, 2011. During his press conference after the Heat lost
the NBA finals, LeBron was asked if it bothered him that so many
people were happy to see him fail. The decision to respond the way
he did was absolutely asinine. He basically said that all those people
have to go back to there miserable lives and existence, while he
can live the life of a gazillionaire. LeBron's condescending attitude
shined right through, and re-confirmed exactly why people have
detested him for a long time.

JUNE 13, 2011. The decision to get back on his Twitter right after
losing in the NBA finals was a really bad one. Never tweet something when
emotions are running high, but LBJ did. "The greater man upstairs
knows when it my time and right now it's not my time." LOL. LBJ
brings God into it once again. Really? As I said before, God doesn't
care about basketball, nor your dumbass tweets. And for someone
who sees himself as God, why do you have to keep bringing the
real one into it.

In the off-season, besides working on a mid-range jump shot,
LBJ, should visit a neurologist. He needs to find a way to re-connect
his mouth and brain cells. They are seriously off. Everything that
comes out of his mouth is stupid and makes him more unlikeable.
Every thought that goes on Twitter is remarkably thoughtless.
Take your talents to a specialist LeBron, you need some help
in the art of public relations.

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  1. I guess "Karma is a b----ch." hua LBJ? I guess money can't teach humility.