Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Boston. The best sports city in the country. Period. Bar none.
Try explaining why your athletic world is better. Oh sure, The
Sporting News comes out with its poll every year, but they just
rotate the names depending on who just won a World Series or
Lombardi Trophy. But year in and year out, Boston is the name
that should be on top of their list and everybody elses.

There is no other city in the country that comes even close to
Boston as a sports town. Don't tell me about New York. There
are too many other great things going on in the Big Apple that
people care about.And when you have the Knicks and Rangers,
who haven't won anything in a long time, you don't come close
to sniffing the Sports Hub that is Boston.

Chicago? One of America's great cities. It's beautiful, clean,
and has da Bears, da Bulls, and Ditka. But it's the second-city
once again, this time to Beantown. Atlanta? They have the dubious
distinction of becoming the first city to lose not one, but two NHL
franchises. Detroit? Hide the woman and children, enough said.

Boston is the ultimate city for sports. Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics,
Bruins, Since 2004, they won 5 world titles and the big, bad Bruins
might just bring Lord Stanley back to the city in a few weeks.
Boston College,  Boston University, Harvard, and the Head of the
Charles. Covering sports as a member of the media in that town is
like celebrating Christmas every day. It's all sports, all the time.

You want legends? How about Ted Williams, Bobby Orr, Larry
Bird, Doug Flutie, and Carl Yastremski. I'll stop there for the sake
of time and space. You want current studs and rock stars? Tom
Brady, Bill Belichick, Kevin Garnett, Shaq, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen,
Adrian Gonzalez, Dustin Pedroia, Jonathan Papelbon. Once again,
I'll stop there for the sake of time and space.

Stadiums? It does not get better than Fenway Park. It wreaks
of history and tradition. It has the Green Monster and Monster seats.
It seems like every game is played with the large shadow of Ted
Williams hovering over it. Gillette Stadium is one of the best venues
in the NFL. Pure and  clean. Sorry, I can't do anything about the
obnoxious fans in Foxborough.

Every game in Boston is covered like the seventh game of the
World Series. It's not like Atlanta where there are three cameras
at the game and reporters would rather be friends with the players
 than ask a tough question for fear they'll never get another interview
In Boston, reporters could care less if they are liked by the players
or their readers. Bob Ryan, Dan Shaughnessey, Jackie McMullen,
Nick Cafardo and the Boston Globe, it doesn't get much better than
that. The Sunday sports section of the Globe is bigger than any
Sunday paper in the country, and a much better read.

Not many cities can say they have two regional networks covering
there teams. NESN's game production of the Red Sox is top shelf.
It's just as good, if not better than Fox or ESPN on a nightly basis.
Ok, so NESN tries to sponsor  everything but Jerry Remy's
mustache.  But they are good. Comcast SportsNet New England
does a great  job competing with NESN for every day coverage of
teams in the region.

The fans in Boston are addicted to its teams like you're addicted to
Facebook. It's the first thing they check on in the morning and the last
thing they watch before they go to bed. They are ridiculously loyal
and knowledgeable. Their grandfather's father and their father grew
up addicted to the Saaawx. They've been spoon-fed everything Sox.
And there's a good chance they can tell you the astrological sign of
the back-up second baseman's mother in Lowell.

As far as sports cities go, Boston is the best of the best, bar none.

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  1. How can Jerry York not be included among the Boston legends????