Monday, April 18, 2011


Unless you're one of his 494 friends on Facebook, or grew up in
Stamford, CT., where he is just a few notches below the great
Bobby Valentine in popularity and Q-rating, then you've probably
never heard of Don Brennan. Brennan is the sports director at
WWSB in Sarasota, FL. He is a one-man band who does everything
but fly the news chopper for the station.

Brennan got into the business because of his love for sports, unlike
Jenn Sterger, who got into television for the love of herself. She was
discovered by some horned up sportscaster who drooled over her
wearing a barbie-sized tank top, that covered Pamela Anderson-sized
twins. He got noticed after paying his dues and banging down the doors
that were slammed in his face.

Brennan can tell you every number of every player who played during
his lifetime. Sterger can tell you the the number to every big agent and
power broker in the business, who might be able to turn a small town
girl, into a household name.

In a business where many shower in snake-oil, and would throw their
mother under the bus, and then run back over her to get ahead, (see FSN
Arizona anchor) Brennan is pure gold. When a news director called me
about "Donnie baseball", as he's affectionately known as, I didn't hesitate
in giving a recommendation. I said, "I can't tell you about his talent, that's
for you to judge. But I can tell you he's the best person you'll ever meet
in the business."

Brennan, who resembles a young James Caan, is not only the kind of guy
who'd give you the shirt off his back, but he'd surrender his whole condo
for you to live in. He is hard-working, dedicated, and has no agendas.
Oh, Donnie is not perfect. After all, he is 100% Irish, and that means he
carries a little bit of a temper. If you don't want to see it, don't cross him.

Donnie baseball wasn't handed anything in this business, and he has a
great wife, who allows his to live out his dream. During the week, Brennan
lives in Sarasota, but as soon as the main anchor signs off on Friday night,
he makes the three-hour trek across alligator alley to his wife and two boys
who live near Miami. Sometimes getting home at 3am, Brennan is always
there for his son's when they come barging through his door at 7am,
wanting to play baseball.

Brennan is everything that's right about the business. Great guy, trustworthy,
and hard-working. On April 27th, he gets a bit of the spotlight that's been
a long-time coming and certainly well-deserved. Brennan will play himself,
a sports anchor for a station in Sarasota on an episode of "Cougar town" on ABC.
Take your moment and run with it like Usain Bolt, Donnie B.  You deserve it.
We'll all be watching.

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