Wednesday, March 16, 2011


10. ANTONIO CROMARTIE.  When he was with the San Diego
Chargers , AC didn't like the post-practice spread at training
camp, and wanted everyone to know about it:

“Man, we have to have the most nasty food of any team. 
 Damn, can we upgrade?  Four straight years the same sh-t. 
 Maybe that’s why we can’t get the Super Bowl we need.”

Class guy, that Cromartie. Wonder how he's going to like the food
at the homeless shelter when he goes broke after trying to feed his
nine kids during the NFL lockout.

9. CHARLIE VILLANUEVA. At halftime of a game against
Boston, Villanueva, then with the Detroit Pistons, just had to feed
his twitter addiction.

"In da locker room, snuck to post my twitt. We're playing
 the Celtics,  tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more
 toughness. I gotta step up".

Da tweet by Chuckie V didn't lead to a fine, but it forced the NBA to
legislate a ban on tweeting during games. That's da truth.

8. MARLON WILLIAMS Texas Tech football LB. He doesn't
like waiting for anyone.

"Wondering why I’m still in this meeting room when the head
coach can’t even be on time to his on meeting.”

Ooops. This tweet by Williams led the coaches to ban cell
phones while players were in the facility. Shocker.

7. COURTNEY FORTSON Arkansas basketball player. Courtney
wanted his followers to really know how hard he was being
worked in practice.

"Im gettin it at workouts like a dude who doesnt understand the
word no from a drunk girl lol."

Keep in mind, this tweet by Fortson came a short time after police on
campus announced they were launching an investigation to an alleged
rape of a woman---by several players on the Arkansas hoops team.
Bad comments, brutal timing....ya think??????

6. CHAD JOHNSON The football artist formerly known as
Ocho Cinco, is definitely funny. But his non-stop high-jinks are
probably the reason Carson Palmer wants out of Cincinnati.
During halftime of an exhibition game, Johnson must've thought
the NFL had converted to flag-football

 “Man Im sick of getting hit like that, its the dam preseason s**t!
1day I’m gone jump up and start throwing hay makers,

Checkbook please. Johnson was fined $25,000 for that tweet.

5. JARED DUDLEY Phoenix Suns. He turned into an
investigative reporter during the Summer of LeBron and
had the scoop of the century.

"Breaking News!!! My sources tell me Lebron will announce
that he will be goin to the NY KNICKS tomorrow on ESPN..
This is serious.. WOW!!!!"

Peter King, he is not.

4. GILBERT ARENAS. When he was with the Washington Wizards,
a story broke that Arenas challenged a teammate to pick a
gun from one of the four he stashed in his locker.

“i wake up this morning and see i was the new JOHN
WAYNE...lmao media is too funny.”

(Insert Eddie Murphy laugh here) Arenas wasn't LHAO
after the NBA suspended him for the last 50 games of the
season, forcing him to cough up $7 million dollars of salary.

3 KAREEM JACKSON Houston Texans. He was having
such a good time on vacation in the Dominican, he tweeted
photos of himself at a cockfight. Or as he likes to call them,
a "chicken fight".

“Look at all these people that be at these chicken fights,
 you would think its a college football game.”

Wow. Roger Goodell must've been very impressed by those
chicken fights. Hello????? Were you out of the country when
that Michael Vick story was going on?

2. STEPHEN JOHNSON The Buffalo Bills WR dropped
a last-second pass in the end zone that would've given the Bills a win
over Pittsburgh. Distraught, Johnson picked up a cell phone
and thought it was better to tweet God than Dr. Phil.

"I praise you 24/7!!! And this how you do me!!! You expect me
to learn from this???How??? I'll never forget this!!
Ever!! Thx Tho."

Johnson made two big mistakes that day. First, he dropped the
pass. Then he was wrong in thinking that God actually watches
the Buffalo Bills.

1. CAPPIE PONDEXTER New York Liberty. She had this to
tweet after the Tsunami in Japan:

"What if God was tired of the way they treated their own people
in there own country! Idk guys he makes no mistakes."
She later tweeted: "u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so
u can't expect anything less."

Brutal. Ignorant. Insensitive. It's unfortunate  this will be the
only top 10 list Pondexter makes in her career.

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