Thursday, March 3, 2011


Antonio Cromartie of the NY Jets has 9 kids by 7 different woman.
Or is it 8 kids by 6 different woman? Whatever, I lost count after kid number 5.

Here's what he'll do in the event of NFL Lockout

5. Watch re-runs of his favorite movie, "Knocked Up".
4.  Spend time with Shawn Kemp to work on his website:
3.  Seek endorsment contract with Trojan-enz to use "Magnum:
     The Bullet-proof condom
2.  Remember the names of all of his kids, something he couldn't
     do during an interview on "Hard Knocks".
1.  Shoot public service announcements for planned parenthood.

 Brandon Davies of BYU's highly-ranked basketball team was kicked
 off the team for having sex, which broke the school's honor code.
 Really? I was wondering  how school officals found out. Were they
 peeping? Wiretaps? Under the bed? Did they see the smile on his face?
 Other violations of  the school's honor code  include: drinking  tea,
 coffee, or alcohol. Seriously, how did Jim McMahon make it through
 his football eligibility without getting the boot?

 So let me get this straight. Brandon Davies gets kicked off the
 team for having sex, but Rick Pitino got to keep his job for having
 sex with a woman not his wife on the floor of a restaurant held for
 an after party of two. (3 if you count the manager who was 15 feet
 away but claimed to not have heard a thing.)

 Maybe he was telling the truth because it was over  "in 15 seconds"
 as Pitino told police. Wow, Nolan Richardson had the 40 minutes of hell,
 while Pitino established his "15 seconds of fury." 15 seconds, Rick?
 I think you should've kept that one private.

 The language in Pitino's contract said he could be fired for "acts of
 depravity" or "behavior that would bring an employee in public disrepute or
 scandal".  (Insert "Deliverance" theme-song here)  I guess
 in Louisville, if you can't read it, or understand it, then it's not a violation
 of the contract.

 Players at Louisville have been kicked off the team by Pitino in the
 past for "conduct detrimental to the team." I'm guessing Slick-Rick
 can no longer use that one on his squad.

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