Tuesday, March 15, 2011


On Monday, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Twitter,
co-founder Jack Dorsey announced that his company is now
serving one billion tweets a week. That's ONE BILLION
messages delivered over just seven days. Pretty soon they'll
have a tally board, like the one McDonald's has under the
arches, to inform everyone when the next billion tweets have been

Twitter, like Facebook, has become an addiction for many,
and a Ferrari on the information super highway. In less time than
it took Tiger Woods to hit that fire hydrant and ruin his life,
you can tweet updates, break news, or share your thoughts
with just about everyone in the free world. Of course, you have
to do it in 140 characters or less.

In the brief history of Twitter, nobody has shared their thoughts
quite like Cappie Pondexter. She posted the most insensitive,
ignorant, and incomprehensible tweets the site has ever seen.

First of all, you're probably wondering who the heck Cappie
Pondexter is. She sounds like a cross between a low-budget
video porn star and your town's librarian. But she's actually
a professional basketball player with the New York Liberty of the
WNBA. No, the league didn't fold three years ago.

If the gold-plated ATM machine of the National Basketball
Association wasn't still supporting the woman's league, Pondexter
would be just like the rest of us, toiling in obscurity while
trying make a living. Come to think of it, she is like the rest
of us because nobody outside of family members and the ushers
at MSG, has ever really seen her play for the Liberty.

Second of all, you might be wondering what Pondexter
tweeted that was so bad. Trust me, it's bad. After the Tsunami
hit Japan, Pondexter took the time to tweet this:

“what if god was tired of the way they treated their own people
in their own country. idk guys he makes no mistakes.” She later
added “u just never knw! They did pearl harbor so u can’t
expect anything less”.

Pondexter saying that Japan essentially deserved what they got,
is beyond belief. It ranks up there with the deplorable comments
former pitcher John Rocker made years ago, that offended nearly
every ethnic group on the planet.

Japan is suffering through a catastrophe of biblical proportions.
Thousands of lives have been lost, while many others, simply ruined.
The nuclear reactor meltdown could be worse than Chernobyl
and Three Mile Island combined, and the country is years away
from making a full recovery.

Pondexter will make a recovery but it will never be full and
complete. She won't suffer the consequences that Rocker did,
but when Pondexter takes the court, she always be "that girl",
the one who made the incredibly insensitive comments about a
country in need of a world-wide hug.

When she catches people pointing at her, Pondexter will
realize it's probably not because of her skills on the court. While
she may be able to go deftly to her right, it's clear that her view of
world events is very, very wrong.

Gilbert Gottfried, the comedian who was the voice of the wildly
popular AFLAC duck, was fired immediately after tweeting
insensitive jokes about the plight of Japan.

Not to wish bad things on anyone, but in the words of Pondexter,
what if god grew tired of people being insensitive to others?
Should they pay for it in the same way Gilbert Gottried did?


  1. Crazy how one projects their ignorance. I'm sure the words "I regret what I thought and tweeted" are on their mind.

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