Friday, March 25, 2011


 Don't you just feel safer in the friendly skies after hearing about the
air traffic controller who was asleep when two planes were on
approach to a Washington D.C airport? After an investigation, that
guy was suspended. Here's a list  sports figures who also had
trouble staying awake.

5.  TACO BELL TROUBLE.  In October of 2010, two players
     on the Baylor football team fell asleep in the drive-thru lane of
     a Taco Bell. It was 2am and apparently, not even the thought
     of the Chalupas could keep them awake. Police arrived on the
     scene and when they looked through the window, they not only
     saw Willie Jefferson and Josh Gordon drooling on each other,
     but two bags of marijuana besides them. Uh-oh. Can you say,

4. TONY LaRUSSA AND LA SIESTA. During spring training
    two years ago, The manager of the St. Louis Cardinals had more
    alcohol than he could handle. While driving home, LaRussa came
    to a stop light and it was clearly past his bed time. Cops arrived
    on the scene to find LaRussa snoring behind the wheel. Google
    it. The video is classic. Can't make it up.

3.  JUNIOR SEAU. Junior said nighty-nighty on his way to his
     place in San Diego. The future hall of fame linebacker was
     driving along the coast and went down a 30-foot cliff.
     Miraculously, Seau did not suffer any serious injuries as a
     result of the crash. He didn't get distracted by the surf or
    sights along the beach. Seau fell asleep.

2. TIM WELSH. Less than a month after being named head
    basketball coach at Hofstra University, signing a contract that 
    would pay him $600,000 a year, which buys a heck of a lot of
    beer, Welsh was found stopped at a traffic light in Long Island
    with his foot on the brake. He was also sleeping like a baby.
    Must have been listening to Steve "the smooze" Summers on
    WFAN. Welsh was arrested for DUI and fired before ever
    coaching a basketball game. SNY did hire him to be an analyst
    for their college basketball show, but I'm sure they didn't pay
    him anywhere close to 600k. Is it me, or has SNY become a
    great landing spot for those with drug and alcohol problems.
    Welsh, Keith Hernandez, Daryl Strawberry, and Ray Lucas.
    That makes for one heckuva party.

    While making a guest appearance on the Mike Francessa show
    on WFAN, Bob Knight, the hall of fame and volatile basketball
    coach turned tv analyst FELL ASLEEP! Trouble for Knight, the
    interview was simulcast on the YES Network and everybody
    could see him with his eyes closed, sleeping in his chair. He must've
    been dreaming about wrapping his hands around that kid's throat
    in practice. Which time? I don't know, pick one. Francessa said
    "we must be having technical problems and he can't hear us." No,
    Mike, he couldn't hear you because he was taking his nap before
    going to Shoney's for the early-bird special.

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