Saturday, March 19, 2011


Is there anything more worthless than NFL Pro days for Quarterbacks?
Last week, Blaine Gabbert, the former Missouri star, held his showcase
in front of  GM's and coaches. Rex Ryan even made the trip to Columbia
despite the fact that the Jets have invested millions in their franchise
QB Mark Sanchez and they don't draft until late in the first round.

Perhaps, Rex had a favorite steakhouse, or three, that he just had to hit.
Or maybe there was a foot-fetish convention that he could go to and
write it off as a business expense. Or just maybe, he wanted to see
the footwork of Gabbert that everyone was talking about, because after
all, Rex is a foot expert.

The Jets are laying off low-level employees during the NFL lockout,
while Rex Ryan is going out to watch a player they don't need and have
no chance of getting. That's ridiculous. And you're going to tell me
that laying off kids making 30K a year in the marketing/media relations
department, is going to make a dent in saving the Jets big money in
this time of crisis? Give me a break. Rex Ryan's food expenses for
the trip would equal the monthly salary of one of those kids.

Anyway, back to the NFL Pro day in Missouri. Gabbert, who is
expected to one of the first players chosen in the NFL draft, if there
is one, went through a scripted workout in shirts, shorts, and a
baseball hat on backwards. That alone, tells you how serious the
occasion was. Against no rush, Gabbert threw passes to his former
receivers, who were running precise routes--against no defensive backs.
No rush and no defensive backs? I'm confident I could complete
80% of my passes in a workout like that.

Next time they hold these QB "workouts", why don't they dress up
Julius Peppers, Ndamukong Suh, and Troy Polamalu in full-pads
and have them just stand at the line of scrimmage. That alone would
cause Gabbert's heart-rate to go up and sail a few passes over the
head of his receiver.

Unless the NFL negotiates a shirts and shorts rule and the defenders
have to count to 5 Mississippi before rushing into the new
collective bargaining agreement, these workouts are just silly and
stupid. Look at all the guys who had "phenomenal" pro days in the
the past. JaMarcus Russell, Ryan Leaf....I think I can stop there.

Oh, and there is one thing that has less value than the NFL Pro days,
and that's Mock NFL Drafts. Look at every sports web site out there.
ESPN, FOX, SI.COM, CBS Sports...they all have someone who comes
up with who is going to go where in the NFL draft.

The people are not scouts or anyone who has even put a
jock-strap on in their life.And they are going to try to tell us who is
going where. I can tell you that over the last decade, not one of these
experts has every gotten one of the New England Patriots pick correct.

Oh, sure, you're going to tell me one of them picked Logan Mankins
out of Fresno State to be picked by the Patriots in the first round 5
years ago. Yeah, right. Bill Belichick would much rather give you
the number of one of his 8 former mistresses, than give you any
information on the who he's going to take in the draft. Stop the
insanity, stop these mock drafts. They mean NOTHING.

Our economy is in the tank, unemployment isn't getting better,
and the rest of the world is experiencing armageddon. But
President Obama is filling out his NCAA brackets on ESPN.
He even did one for woman's tournament. Really? If perception
is reality, we are definitely going to be in trouble for awhile.
Oh yeah, he's probably going to figure out a way to tell
us he went 29-3 on the first two days of the tournament. Nice.

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