Friday, February 25, 2011

They are missing who?

Really? Knicks fans were worried the team gave up too much for
Carmelo Anthony? Were they really going to have separation anxiety
from watching Tomefey Mozkov leave the "world's most famous
arena." Could they not bear the thought of watching Dinillo Gallinari
hoist and heave 3-balls in the mile high air of Denver?

Come on, people.Are you going to miss those guys? It's kind of like going
from 8th grade to high school. Once you leave middle school, you never
think about your old teachers. Out of sight out of mind. Can't name one of my
old teachers from back then. Not one.

In these blockbuster trades, the old adage holds true: whomever gets
the best player wins the trade. Wayne Gretzky was traded for a king's
ransom in 1988. Does anybody really  remember who the Edmonton
Oilers got in return? The Boston Celtics sent five players to Minnesota
to acquire Kevin Garnett.  Can you name one of them?

When you have the chance to get a bona-fide superstar, you do it.
You're going to tell me that your scouting staff can't find another
Tomafey Mozkov? The only I time I heard Mozkov's name mentioned
before all the trade talk, was when Blake Griffin posterized him with
vicious dunk.  Used the Russian's head for an elbow rest on his way
to making the lead on "SportsCenter".  If Mozkov wasn't emasculated
after that one, he's a pretty tough guy. Tomafey Mozkov? What, Dwayne
Schintzus wasn't available?

This is New York. This is Madison Square Garden. The Big Apple
demands stars.They don't clamour for stiffs like Ed Whitson, Carl Pavano,
Luis Castillo, and Chris Duhon. It's all about glitz, glamour, and "it" players.
The A-rods, The Jeters,and even Mark Sanchez. Not middle-of-the road
players like Wilson Chandler. They can be replaced in New York City minute.

The buzz Carmelo Anthony has generated is priceless. He is a rock star
in shorts. Ratings for his first game were the highest in 16 years for MSG!
16 years!  Jersey sales are through the roof, ticket sales will go up, and the
Knicks will elbow their way on to the back pages of the New York Post
again. I was at a high school hockey game the night Carmelo made his debut. I
walked into the snack bar to find about 10 people huddled around the
television watching the game. One guy said to me, "It's the first time I've
watched a Knicks game in about 15 years." Enough said.

I guess the only negative that came out of this, was that Isiah Thomas'
name was brought up again. The man who destroyed the franchise with
his lack of genius,was somehow trying to take credit for helping acquire
Anthony. Please. James Dolan pulled the trigger, and finally hit his target.
The Knicks are the not the king's of New York, but they are certainly on
their way to taking over the Big Apple once again.

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